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Post-Thanksgiving Promotional Ideas

Post-Thanksgiving Promotional Ideas


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Post-Thanksgiving Promotional Ideas

Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday are prime days for promoting your operation.


The days after Thanksgiving are traditionally the most active shopping days. Offering your customers added value and opportunities to give back to their community during these days at the beginning of the holiday season can lead to higher sales and traffic in your operation.

For Cyber Monday:

  • Compete with retailers for Cyber Monday dollars by offering discounts on items such as gift cards, merchandise or meals
  • Extend Cyber Monday deals another day or even throughout the week
  • Promote online and mobile ordering capabilities and offer incentives for guests who use those services on this day

For Giving Tuesday:

  • Market your brand as charitable by showcasing ongoing charitable actions or donating a portion of proceeds or food on the day
  • Engage consumers on this day through social media using the event’s corresponding hashtag #GivingTuesday
  • Set up in-store toy or food drives and provide an incentive for participation

One real life example of this a Giving Tuesday success is the fast food operation Boloco, who donated one meal to a food bank for every burrito or bowl ordered on that day, including catering and online orders

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