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Rise of High-Tech Foodservice: Automation in the Kitchen

Rise of High-Tech Foodservice: Automation in the Kitchen


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Rise of High-Tech Foodservice: Automation in the Kitchen

Innovative technological advances for the commercial kitchen streamline processes, maintain consistency and reduce labor costs.

One of the most useful areas to apply technology (and robotics) is in the kitchen. All operations would love to automate simple, repetitive tasks involved in food preparation and now, there are many companies providing technology which may help. Examples of ‘co-bots’ on the market include Chowbotics’ salad-making robot, “Sally,” and “Flippy,” the burger-flipping robot from Miso Robotics. Foodservice software is available to link vital back-of-house systems and a high percentage of modern kitchen equipment has programmable settings for specific food items, making it as simple as a press of a button to cook something to perfection.

Operators see automated kitchen equipment as an avenue to reduce labor costs, prepare consistent menu items and possibly lower the incidence of foodborne illness. However, the high initial investment and additional employee training that is required to operate and maintain this type of equipment can be prohibitive to many foodservice providers.

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