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Rise of High-Tech in Foodservice: Pay at the Table

Rise of High-Tech in Foodservice: Pay at the Table


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Rise of High-Tech in Foodservice: Pay at the Table

Tablets and pay-at-the-table technology make their way into high-end and non-commercial foodservice.


Technology in foodservice has altered the relationship between customers and operators across the board. Regardless of where customers are eating, they want the enhanced speed, ability to customize and convenience that high-tech systems can provide. Smart use of these systems holds the promise of more efficient service, labor savings, improved customer service and heightened employee morale.

Although first adopted by fast-food restaurants, tablets have slowly become a more common fixture throughout the wider foodservice industry. Many foodservice operators swap pen and paper for mobile devices, allowing their wait staff to send orders straight through to the kitchen as soon as they are taken. Some locations have built ordering systems directly into fixtures or tables.

Many of these locations can effectively operate on a self-service basis, with customers seating themselves, placing their own orders via a tablet or kiosk, and connecting directly through to the kitchen with very little involvement from wait staff. Foodservice operators can count on these pay-at-the-table technologies to enhance customer financial security and increase the number of guests that a table can host in a single day. It’s important to remember that a balance of employees and technology are required for success, as full restaurant automation runs the risk of alienating guests.

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