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Science and Tech Trends of the Future

Science and Tech Trends of the Future


Last Published: 10/10/2018

Science and Tech Trends of the Future

Trends of the future that will spill over into the lives of Foodservice Operators and consumer demands include science and technology.

For years there has been talk that cracking the human genome code would be the solution to eliminating a variety of diseases. Dr. Deepak Chopra states that changing our lifestyles through healthy food, exercise, and sleep, along with altering our consciousness through meditation and stress management, can transform our health. Current research is pinpointing approximately 20 genetic markers that are actually changeable by healthy living. If we could reverse the gene’s state to keep the good  while eliminating the bad – then science could theoretically cure cancer, slow aging, stop obesity and more.

While healthy lifestyles will drive menus, other technology will be geared toward consumers overall approach to wellness. Dr. Deepak Chopra noted, “Technology is neither categorically good nor bad; it’s all how we use it.” Ingestible, health-tracking nanochips that monitor 50 biological functions 24/7 will make clunky “wearables” seem outdated, and will usher in a new era in precision, preventative and personalized medicine. Eat a cheeseburger and you will quickly see exactly what the precise impact is on your health markers. 

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