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Senior Segment by the Numbers

Senior Segment by the Numbers


Last Published: 02/06/2019

Senior Segment by the Numbers

What the numbers say about senior segment trends.

  • 73% of residents seek foods that “wow” their friends and family and make them proud to invite loved ones to the facility. “New” seniors place even greater importance on sensational cuisine; in fact, 92% believe that impressive foods are necessary for a senior living community.

  • 2 to 4 servings of beans per week is the recommended amount for seniors. Dietitians are recommending that seniors reap the benefits of power foods like beans this year, as they help to fight colon cancer, are an excellent source of fiber, protein and antioxidants and can help decrease blood pressure.

  • 71% of residents claim that having access to snacks is important, showing that the mini meals trend has permeated all generations. It’s becoming increasingly important for senior living communities to respond by granting seniors easier access to bistros, cafés and the like.

What’s the Buzz?

Senior living communities are keeping in line with Increasing consumer desire for eco-friendly options. In addition to implementing recycling programs and featuring locally-grown produce, facilities are also looking to replace existing light bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescents, use more “green” cleaning products and upgrade their appliances so they are more energy efficient. Doing so authentically (through means of obtaining leed certification, etc.) can help a senior living community differentiate itself from the competition.

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