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September is National Chicken Month

September is National Chicken Month


Last Published: 09/15/2017

September is National Chicken Month

It’s the month of chicken, and with the many ways to eat and prepare this bird, it might take all 30 days to enjoy the slew of varieties.


When eating chicken, encourage customers to select boneless, skinless breasts (as it is the leanest cut) or boneless, skinless tenders. Also, the healthiest preparation methods are grilled or baked. Additionally, seasoned chicken is an excellent option as a way to avoid heavy sauces.

9 - National “I Love Food” Day

Today is the day to celebrate and express just how much we all love food! For a different twist, encourage customers to celebrate their favorite healthy foods, such as fresh fruits, veggies, whole-grain crackers and other calorie-friendly options. While it’s ok to enjoy a beloved dessert or fried food on this special day, remind everyone to keep portion sizes in mind.

13 - National Peanut Day

Thanks to their healthy fats and protein content, peanuts and other nuts can help control blood sugar and keep hunger pangs at bay. But the trick here is to only eat one serving size, which is about one ounce (a handful). Each ounce has between 160 to 190 calories, so remind customers that eating any more than one helping in a single day will turn this crunchy treat into a calorie-laden trap.

22 - National Ice Cream Cone Day

While the traditional wafer-style ice cream cone isn’t too terribly high in calories (about 17), waffle cones are about 121 calories, which is significant when watching your weight. Therefore, encourage customers to cut calories from their ice cream order by going with the traditional cone or completely forgoing the ice cream cone altogether and opt for a bowl. If customers are dead set on celebrating this popular ice cream accoutrement, but without the cone, suggest cone pieces as a topping.


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