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Shrinking Menus: Single-Focused Concepts

Shrinking Menus: Single-Focused Concepts


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Shrinking Menus: Single-Focused Concepts

Pick a basic menu item and offer creative variations.


Restaurant concepts that are dedicated to solely one item are proliferating across the United States and enjoying growing sales. This menuing technique allows operators to produce one item at the highest quality and feature various condiments or toppings, putting different spins on its presentation. These single-focus concepts range vastly based on what their specialties are. Examples include:

  • Get Fried Café, which spotlights French Fries with many toppings
  • The Meatball Shop, which highlights a variety of meatballs in different dishes
  • The Polenta Bar, a BYO polenta bowl shop 

In the future, look for restaurants with smaller menus. There is also a trend to allow “secret menus” where new diners only see limited options, but regular customers will request their regular order (and feel like part of the club).  These concept operations are also seeing an increased focus on specialty and seasonal ingredients as toppings and sides.

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