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Supporting Local Economy – Still Trending

Supporting Local Economy – Still Trending


Last Published: 10/21/2016

Supporting Local Economy – Still Trending

One of the hottest trends in food has been, and continues to be locally grown produce. 

Whether visiting your food café for business or pleasure, your guests will appreciate knowing the produce you serve is fresh and locally grown. To capitalize Using locally grown produce in your recipes is good for your patrons, your community and your bottom line. Promoting the local farmer’s produce appeals to guests who appreciate supporting local businesses.

By the same token, customers also feel good about supporting local economy through purchases of local seafood specialties that may be unique to your geographic area or traditional beef, pork or lamb dishes that represent the unique cultural heritage of your community’s founding fathers. Include eye-appealing infographics with your menus to entice guests to try something new, and be sure that your wait staff is well-educated on each local menu item.

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