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Sustainability Options: Customer Perception

Sustainability Options: Customer Perception


Last Published: 10/24/2017

Sustainability Options: Customer Perception

The biggest return on sustainability investment comes from customer perception. 


Sustainability efforts need to be clearly and effectively communicated to the consumer in order for this return to take place. Operators can take the following simple steps to ensure that their audience is aware of their sustainability measures:

  • Make sure employees are educated on the efforts in place and are encouraged to talk with patrons about them, when appropriate.
  • Note on the menu if ingredients in a meal are local or sustainably sourced.
  • Print menus on recyclable paper, and add a tagline to the bottom to let people know.
  • Look at the decorating space and take any opportunity to use reclaimed wood for tables, chairs, décor or any other areas that can be repurposed with used goods. Inform customers by adding a small plaque to the wall telling the story of the original piece.
  • Use chalkboards or signage to advertise locally-grown and purchased produce or ingredients to patrons. Encourage employees to tell patrons about local selections during ordering as well.
  • Use social media platforms as an opportunity to showcase sustainability efforts. For example, post photos of produce being purchased at a farm or farmers market and detail the journey from farm to table.

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Sustainability is a growing concern across the foodservice supply chain. Suppliers, distributors, and operators all recognize the need to contemporize their appeal, incorporate environmentally responsible initiatives, and communicate operational changes to their customers, all while maintaining their budgets in the face of rising food costs.

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