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Sustainability Options for Operators: Waste

Sustainability Options for Operators: Waste


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Sustainability Options for Operators: Waste

Conserving waste of every kind is the primary goal of sustainability. 


In foodservice, the amount of physical waste generated can be enormous, and the cost associated with disposing it can be equally as large. Operators can take measures to reduce their waste management costs, while improving sustainability by taking the following measures:

  • Conduct a waste audit to measure the overall amount of waste being generated, noting the conservation procedures already in place and identifying the areas requiring improvement.
  • Recycle! Learn the ropes of the recycling programs and waste management companies in your area and try to recycle everything on the list. If it calls for separating recyclables or tying up cardboard - do it.
  • Donate! Both large and small restaurants are now able to participate in food recovery programs, where unused food is donated to a 501(c)3 charity. In addition to helping fight hunger, food recovery programs offer an added benefit to operators by providing a tax credit.
  • Recycle used fryer oil. Most oil recycling companies will pick up and remove used fryer oil for free. Certain companies will even pay you for this service.
  • Purchase a waste compactor, or de-watering system, which turns organic waste into safe grey water that can easily be put down the drain.
  • Compost! Turn your organic waste into nutrient-rich soil that will be used for on-site gardens or flower beds. Compost the old-fashioned way by building a simple compost bin on your property or purchase an industrial food waste decomposition system.

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