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Sustainability Options for Operators: Energy

Sustainability Options for Operators: Energy


Last Published: 10/24/2017

Sustainability Options for Operators: Energy

Conserving energy is a concern for every operator charged with running a foodservice establishment. 

The costs associated with daily operations of cooking, cleaning and feeding the public can be enormous, but can also be alleviated by taking some of the steps below:
  • Conduct an energy audit to identify ways in which energy is being wasted.
  • Replace all light bulbs, even in appliances and walk-in coolers, with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Use automatic light timers and sensors for hallways, closets and restrooms (and test them regularly).
  • Set timers on HVAC units to only run during operating hours.
  • Check windows, doors and breezeways for energy loss, and install additional insulation to conserve energy.
  • Install self-closing doors on all entryways, as well as on any refrigeration or freezer units in house.
  • Select energy efficient equipment for purchase as the old equipment wears out.
  • Schedule regular maintenance on all equipment to keep them up to their most efficient energy usage.
  • Allow for adequate air circulation around refrigerators and freezers to reduce energy needed for operation.

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