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Sustainability Options: Generating Energy

Sustainability Options: Generating Energy


Last Published: 12/11/2017

Sustainability Options: Generating Energy

Operators may choose to install an energy generation source on property in order to decrease their energy costs. 


Though many forms of alternative energy are available, they must implement a system that is effective for their geographic location and capable of providing a return on investment. Without a doubt, implementing an on-site energy source will create much conversation among customers and within the community.

  • Install a wind energy system, or wind turbine.
    Cost $50,000-$80,000* (The size system needed to power a large home/small business).
  • Invest in solar panels.
    Cost $25,000 - $35,000* (Based on a 5 kW system)
  • Consider using a Combined Heat and Power System, also known as cogeneration, which generates electricity and thermal electricity in a single integrated system.
    Cost $4,600 – $10,000*
  • Produce energy on-site with a geothermal heat pump, which is a central heating and cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground, using the earth as a heat source or a heat sink, depending on the need.
    Cost $20,000 - $25,000* (Based on approximately 2500 square ft. facility)
  • Install a solar hot water system, which heats the water in tubes from solar energy, then stores it in tanks for later use.
    Cost $6,000 - $17,000* (Costs vary based on numerous factors including size of system, needs of facility, region etc.)
  • Use free cooling when able. If temperatures allow, open dampers or economizers to bring cool air into a refrigerated space, rather than relying on an electrically-operated system to maintain temperatures.

If an on-site energy source is not a fit, consider purchasing renewable energy credits, which encourages the use of renewable resources for electricity production. Contact your electricity supplier for more details.

$50 - $300* (Costs vary based on numerous factors including geography, year)

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