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Taco Innovations

Taco Innovations


Last Published: 09/12/2019

Taco Innovations

The classic taco is getting a cultural makeover and consumers are eating it up.

Step aside, traditional tacos! Innovative taco varieties in just about every flavor, format and function are changing the way we think about this go-to menu item. For starters, breakfast and dessert tacos are edging their way onto more menus, stuffed with sweet spreads like Nutella®. Perhaps even more exciting is the creative use of new wrappers and more unexpected fillings. Classic tortillas are getting swapped out for seaweed. Jackfruit, cactus, poke and other fish are becoming more popular ingredients. Plant-based proteins, like lentils and quinoa, are replacing more traditional fillings like chicken and beef. In addition, new mash-ups that merge Latin American flavors with Mediterranean, Asian and Indian influences are taking the casual taco scene by storm.
  • If you already serve tacos, now is the perfect time to try something new. Whether it be a new filling or wrap, customers will appreciate having an array of options. For example, you might take a chocolate or cookie shell, stuff it with ice cream or gelato and add house-made whipped cream for an undeniably sweet treat.
  • Source some inspiration from the different taco mash-ups mentioned above. Perhaps you can serve a build-your-own taco platter inspired by the Greek Isles that features grilled chicken, refreshing tzatziki and lots of parsley.

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