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Taking ‘Have to Eat’ to ‘Want to Eat’ through Acute Care Menu Creation

Taking ‘Have to Eat’ to ‘Want to Eat’ through Acute Care Menu Creation


Last Published: 04/12/2017

Taking ‘Have to Eat’ to ‘Want to Eat’ through Acute Care Menu Creation

Below is an excerpt from a white paper: “A New Era in Acute Care Dining” which covers how to stay competitive while meeting consumer demands.


See an earlier excerpt, on a new perception of acute care dining. Download the paper and look for future excerpts here, at the entegra 360 Blog.

A transition from what is on today’s menu to what is on ‘my menu’ is critical for the modern hospital consumer. Giving consumers the option to add, remove, build, and create to their liking, results in a significant rise in satisfaction rates. Showcasing higher-end, culturally diverse options help to modernize menus and increase traffic. By crafting a carefully mapped menu, capitalizing on seasonal trends and in-season local foods, a truly customized, destination experience can be achieved.

A transition of staff perception, from food worker to executive chef, is the key to changing a once institutionalized concept into a true dining experience. Hospitals can transform an entire staff by showcasing the mind, passion, and care of an executive chef, and a location can be transformed from mundane to extraordinary. Having a true professional at the helm of the ship helps guide, grow, and nurture kitchen staff into employees who are more passionate about their jobs - a result that is most certainly noticed by guests.

The desire to visually watch food being created in real time is another consumer-driven request, and executive chefs have the capacity to deliver their culinary showmanship through cooking lf demonstrations and tabled events. By placing emphasis on menu creation through the expert direction of a qualified executive chef, operators are able to capitalize on consumer demand, which helps to increase repeat business and boost the bottom line.


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