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Technology in Foodservice: Integrated Systems

Technology in Foodservice: Integrated Systems


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Technology in Foodservice: Integrated Systems

Integrated technology systems reach into all aspects and segments of foodservice.


The use of technology in foodservice is most often associated with the commercial restaurant industry, but these advancements have begun to trickle down to non-commercial foodservice programs and are expected to take a more prominent role in the future. Mobile apps, digital ordering channels, tableside tablets, order kiosks and back-of-house automation are currently being introduced or used in multiple restaurant chains.

There are several factors driving the adoption of technology in foodservice, but the biggest push is the current direction of wage structures and higher minimum wage legislation. Operators now face a tightening labor force. The use of customer service and ordering automation can help reduce these costs. Operators are betting on these various technologies to increase efficiency, quality, sanitation, uniformity and more.

From point of sale (POS) technology, to stock-taking software, to waiting list management apps, the modern foodservice industry seems to rely on an increasingly complex range of interconnected systems to run efficiently. However, rather than creating efficiencies, adopting too much technology too soon can have the opposite effect. With so many systems to juggle, operators may find they require significant time, training, and money to monitor these systems.

For this reason, some foodservice operators are now creating fully integrated management systems, where data (on everything from profits to stock levels and even refrigerator temperature) is available through the same software. This reduces the time spent monitoring numerous systems, and, in theory, gives operators the ability to better compare the data each device collects.

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