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Last Published: 05/30/2017


From food trucks to pop-ups to commercial delivery services, food operators today are faced with much larger challenges than simply enticing people to walk through the door or struggling to maintain check averages.


Consumers demand new, exciting experiences and rely heavily on nontraditional ways of dining. Though the competition has shape-shifted from the brick-and-mortar restaurant down the street to unconventional, experiential-based dining, food operators can still capitalize on features that each of these non-traditional trends bring to the consumer’s table.

In a new blog series, entegra looks at how to capitalize on the competition, starting with the food truck frenzy which has grabbed hold in cities large and small nationwide. Though this trend is avidly eaten up by consumers, traditional restaurant owner/operators are less than thrilled with the current market share these mobile eateries grasp and feel that they have an unfair advantage over the brick and mortar restaurant.

But what is the appeal to the consumer? Food truck patrons value the quick service and trendy nature of the platform and also appreciate the transportability of the foods. With limited time to dine mid-workday, customers tend to shy away from a stereotypically longer restaurant visit. In addition, trucks can feature up-and-coming chefs, as well as unique and gourmet menus. Evaluating the consumer advantage of selecting a food truck as a dining option, food operators can pinpoint ways to deliver the same benefit to their customer.


• Deploy your own food truck for use in the community, selling restaurant featured favorites. Doing this will not only help battle local competitors but it will also result in valuable public relations exposure for your restaurant within the community.

• Streamline the breakfast and lunch menu options since these are two dayparts food trucks sometimes capture. This can be accomplished by offering limited menus that are fresh, quickly made and easily transportable with low price-points.


Entegra Procurement Services regularly publishes blog posts on food trends and innovations in food services. Entegra is more than a group purchasing organization (GPO): Our team of procurement specialists implement strategic sourcing to bring the most value to your business. We help our clients, in many segments ranging from the healthcare supply chain to restaurant supply, to cut costs and consolidate their portfolios.


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