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The Buzz on Fizz

The Buzz on Fizz


Last Published: 12/10/2018

The Buzz on Fizz

Consumers are switching to sparkling waters to satisfy their fix for bubbles. 

Sugary sodas are fizzling out while sparkling waters and other drinks are stepping in, transforming the beverage scene one sip at a time.  Nestlé Waters has seen a significant growth rate in sparkling water since 2013 and estimate that an astonishing three new households per minute are trying out flavored sparkling water. In fact, they estimate a 34% increase in sparkling water demand by 2020.

Millennials are driving the category growth, turning to sparkling water for its healthy attributes. Better-for-you waters with fruity flavors and plant-based options brewed with maple and birch are on the rise, as is sparkling cold brew coffee, which adds an extra jolt of caffeine while tantalizing the taste buds. Taking bubbles to the next level on its dessert menu, one restaurant in Delaware is even featuring the popping and fizzing of citric acid in an indulgent churro dish.

Want to get your bubbly with your menu? Here are some tips:

  • If you currently purchase sparkling water in bulk, enliven your offerings in public areas of your operation by featuring large dispensers of sparkling water infused with fruits like lemon and lime, or herbs like mint. Entegra supply partner Nestlé Waters North America provides a number of sparkling water beverages you can serve on their own or infuse.
  • Create opportunities to feature house-made beverages with sparkling water at your hotel, such as “mocktails” in your lobby or cocktails in your full-service restaurant. A virgin watermelon margarita is a great summertime option, with fresh watermelon puree, lime juice and sparkling water. Add tequila or a liquor of your choice to the mixture to make it more suitable for your bar crowd.

Want more ideas? Download entegra’s 2018 Top Ten Trends Paper.

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