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The Food Hall Trend

The Food Hall Trend


Last Published: 11/20/2017

The Food Hall Trend

The trend of food hall construction is asserting itself in major cities across the United States and Europe.


This dining concept brings multiple restaurants into a large “hall,” with a centralized communal dining area at the heart of the structure. Millennials and Generation Z (anyone born after 1995), who will soon make up a large share of the consumer population, are drawn to the set up and customer-choice driven structure of the food hall’s natural landscape. By bringing brand name chains into the same space as smaller, local eateries, groups of friends can select the cuisine of their choice and dine together without having to compromise.


  • Satisfy consumer demand for communal dining by creating spaces within their establishments that lend themselves to the shared experience trend.
  • Work with surrounding operators to transform a common outdoor area into a hybrid food hall using mobile carts or kiosks as standalone express restaurants. Mirror what food trucks do in metropolitan areas when they have a food truck roundup featuring multiple trucks in a vacant lot or common space.

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