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The Future of Foodservice: Expanded Take-out and Delivery

The Future of Foodservice: Expanded Take-out and Delivery


Last Published: 05/21/2020

The Future of Foodservice: Expanded Take-out and Delivery

Operators adjust to meet portability options for their customers.


Both commercial and non-commercial operators must be creative in order to adapt to the dynamics of the market place and stay competitive in a crowded field. One way operators are opening themselves to more opportunities is by expanding take-out and delivery options to meet the consumer demand for off-premise dining.

  • Operators are rethinking their space and staffing, as well as food portability and packaging to address off-premise demand.
  • Operators are setting up take-out food bars for their menu items, which allows for customization for customers and an easy way to mix and match foods for healthy take-out.
  • Operators are examining how best to stay connected to consumers, such as through loyalty rewards, rather than have the third-party delivery company be the face of their brand.

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