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The Future of Foodservice: The New World of Takeout

The Future of Foodservice: The New World of Takeout


Last Published: 09/12/2019

The Future of Foodservice: The New World of Takeout

“Off-Premise Dining” takes off.


The dynamics of off-premise dining are rapidly changing, and operators must evolve to stay ahead of the competition in terms of taste, the quality of offerings, and efficiency that consumers demand. More people are choosing grab’n’go or delivery options due to busy lifestyles, but they still want healthy choices.

  • Consumers are looking for healthier options for takeout as well as a diverse choice of ‘homestyle’ and ethnic foods to customize their off-premise dining.
  • One-third of consumers who are ordering takeout more often than in 2016 say it is because it’s easier than ever to order food with new mobile apps and amenities (up from 22% in 2016). Ease of ordering will also be taken to the next level with voice ordering via smart speakers and streamlined apps and mobile websites.
  • Packaging will play a larger role. Municipal regulations are banning certain packaging around the country, including Styrofoam and plastic straw/bag bans. Operators must look for environmentally-friendly solutions that will better maintain food texture and temperature.
  • As demand for delivery rapidly increases, operators must consider how to reconfigure space and staffing to accommodate the growth. Many are turning to third-party delivery services such as Grub Hub and UberEats which can help ease the labor pressure by outsourcing delivery operations. Ironically, third-party services are drawing employees away from restaurant work.

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