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Health and Wellness--Making its way to Business Strategy: Five Trends Shaping Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Health and Wellness--Making its way to Business Strategy: Five Trends Shaping Health and Wellness in the Workplace


Last Published: 05/26/2017

Health and Wellness--Making its way to Business Strategy: Five Trends Shaping Health and Wellness in the Workplace

The importance of Health & Wellness is increasing in all aspects of business today, from supporting employees in the workplace, to meeting customer expectations surrounding healthy lifestyle options, products, and services. 


Today, Health & Wellness is becoming more visible in companies as an important business strategy that positively impacts their organizations, employees, customers, and communities.

Jennifer Patel, Segment Director, Hallmark Business Connections, a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Inc. that develops incentive and worksite wellness programs, notes in an article for Corporate Wellness Magazine that corporate wellness programs are a recent megatrend impacting businesses of all sizes. Patel identified five trends helping to shape Health & Wellness in the workplace today:

Trend 1: Fitting it All in: LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT

Amid the weeknight rush to get home, make dinner, help the kids with homework, do housework and get to bed at a decent hour, finding time for a workout or doctor visit seems nearly impossible. For many, work is a great place to integrate lifestyle-based healthy habits to fit it all into the day.

Trend 2: Balancing Work and Waist: WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS

Weight loss management at work is growing rapidly as many companies make fitness opportunities more accessible. Companies are starting to transform their worksites to focus on weight loss by including vending machine options with fresh, healthy snacks, as well as fruit and veggies at meetings instead of donuts.

Trend 3: Integrate Fitness: REDESIGN WORKSPACE

Rethink office design by integrating physical fitness into daily work activities to encourage workers to become healthier. Small adjustments to the workspace help employees get in the mindset of fitness from the minute they arrive at their workstations until it becomes ingrained in their behaviors.

Trend 4: Breathe Well: SMOKING CESSATION

These programs foster a healthier workforce and are viewed by many as a necessity that provides a direct correlation with good health.

Trend 5: Control Daily Pressures:STRESS MANAGEMENT

Physical fitness has proven to decrease stress and increase energy. However, mental fitness is increasingly being recognized as an equally important trend. Stress management programs recognize that dedicating a short time every day to help reduce stress is one of the strongest efforts being used to manage daily pressures.

When asked if they had any Health & Wellness initiatives in place to support employees, one survey respondent from entegra’s acute care market stated, “To support healthy eating, we are trying to follow Michelle Obama and the guidelines she set forth for Health & Wellness. We offer a vegetarian option every day, and only offer brown rice. In addition, we reduced the prices on salad bars so more people may be enticed to buy, we offer veggies galore, and we make mostly broth-based soups, instead of creambased.”

Overall, unhealthy employees cost more – both because of their actual medical expenses and due to their lost productivity. A workplace wellness program is one way that many businesses are trying to build a culture of Health & Wellness for the greater good of their employees, and their bottom line.

In an upcoming blog, external products and services will be covered. Or, read the full white paper on Health and Wellness – “Making its way to business Strategy.” 


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