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Touchless Foodservice

Touchless Foodservice


Last Published: 02/08/2021

Touchless Foodservice

Ease customer apprehension by providing a touch-free dining experience.

Boost consumer confidence in your foodservice operation by going touch-free from the moment your customers walk up to your establishment.

The Front Doors
While installing fully automated doors might not be an option for every business, there are alternatives. Applying self-cleaning surfaces, like our contracted products from NanoSeptic, make it easy to turn dirty, high-traffic, public touchpoints into continuous self-cleaning surfaces without hard chemicals or toxins.

Another option is to have your host staff open the doors for customers. You might also be able to prop doors open to eliminate the impulse to reach for the handle. However, if you are looking to automate your doors, we have solutions.

Sanitizing Stations
Customers expect you to have hand sanitizer readily available, but unless your sanitizer dispensers are touchless, people are touching them before their hands are clean. Opt for touchless dispensers as an easy, budget-friendly way to eliminate a contact surface.

Single-Serve Options
Limit anything that requires multiple customers to touch the same surfaces. Gone are the days of self-serve froyo bars, bulk condiment dispensers, beverage stations and buffet servers. In their place, offer single-serve packets or move to a counter-service option when needed.

Offer pre-bottled beverage options, particularly for quick-serve or to-go venues. If you do have a self-serve beverage station, consider changing to a touch-free option — and then provide signage to assist customers with adoption. Also, provide cups and lids at the time of purchase, rather than leaving them by the machine where they could be touched by multiple customers.

Digital Menus
Unless they’re thoroughly cleaned between every customer, your menus are an additional touch point. Replace paper menus with digital menus easily viewed from tables, or consider digitizing them and integrating a QR code that customers can scan to view your menus from their own devices.

Contact-free payment solutions
If you haven’t yet, now is the time to move to a contact-free payment solution. Contactless chip reader options are popular, and a growing number of options that use customers’ own mobile devices allow the merchant and customer to complete a transaction without making contact.


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