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Trends in Focus: Health & Wellness in the Leisure Segment

Trends in Focus: Health & Wellness in the Leisure Segment


Last Published: 02/11/2019

Trends in Focus: Health & Wellness in the Leisure Segment

Resorts and leisure operations keep food choices healthy.


The personal well-being of their guests has always been at the forefront of resorts. But better health doesn’t stop with relaxation. Maintaining a good health régime is also important to enjoying leisure activities. Guests are looking for resorts to provide wellness coaches and nutrition counselors to meet their wellness goals while enjoying personal time.

More resort guests do not want to give up their healthy way of eating just because they are on a vacation or enjoying personal time. Not all want to splurge on unhealthy food when away from home, even in a leisure setting. As a result, to cater to the demands of wellness-oriented guests, a growing number of leisure restaurants and venues are featuring menus with healthier choices, reduced portion sizes, and restricted use of high-sodium and high-sugar products.

The farm-to-table concept is becoming a staple at leisure locations and will continue to pop up in new locations thanks to its blend of two rising trends: the experiential-based characteristic and Health & Wellness. Alongside farm-to-table meals, organic ingredients and a greater number of healthy alternatives are becoming more prevalent.

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