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Twist Classic Dishes for the Kids

Twist Classic Dishes for the Kids


Last Published: 12/24/2018

Twist Classic Dishes for the Kids

Bring new ideas to traditional foods in Educational settings. 


Putting exciting twists on well-known dishes is a growing trend – a trend that many generations, especially Gen Z diners and their adventurous palates, are embracing. Gen Z is showing interest in unique flavor profiles and fusion cuisine, such as tacos with a Korean twist and sushi donuts, which are made by forming rice patties into donut shapes, then topping them with classic sushi ingredients, like fish, avocado slices and spicy sauces. Dishes like Eggs Benedict for all dayparts and meatballs made with unusual proteins like duck and lentils, are edging their way onto more menus. Even the beloved comfort food macaroni and cheese is becoming a common cheeseburger topping and shareable small plate!


  • Mashed potatoes are a great food to enhance with fusion flavors. Serve chipotle-corn mashed potatoes to put a Mexican twist on the dish or mix them with a bit of wasabi for a spicy, Asian-style side dish older students will love.
  • Think breakfast for lunch 2.0! Reimagine classic lunch items, like grilled cheese sandwiches, by adding breakfast favorites like bacon and eggs. Serve maple syrup on the side.
  • Fusion foods can still be kid-friendly. Merge Mexican and Italian cuisine by serving Mexican stuffed shells, filled with seasoned ground beef and cheese and topped with salsa.

Want more ideas for your educational facility? Download entegra’s Top Ten Trends Paper for the Education Segment.

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