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Two Magic Words: Convenience and Value

Two Magic Words: Convenience and Value


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Whether you’re serving a harried office worker with a long commute or a student looking to refuel with an on-the-go snack, convenience and value are the two magic words that are leading the list of what customers expect from their dining experiences.


In the way of convenience, it is important to offer ready-to-eat meals, digital ordering kiosks and digital delivery options, which give individuals the opportunity to enjoy their meal, while also streamlining your ordering process. Along the lines of value, price is an obvious purchase driver, but “value wars” will help to keep establishments competitive this year. Loyalty programs (like apps and punch cards) not only show patrons that they are valued, but help dining locations remain competitive in the marketplace.

Operator Ideas:

  • If your restaurant is only open for one portion of the day – for breakfast/brunch/lunch or for lunch and dinner – consider opening up shop at other times to offer new grab-and-go options that you don't typically feature on your sit-down menu.
  • Look for creative ways to boost your delivery business. If you’re unable to use digital means to do it, use digital to get where your consumers – and your competition – are. One option is to create a social media account like a Facebook or Instagram page where you can post enticing images of your food and special offers.
  • Research from the NPD Group shows that 50 percent of dinners purchased from restaurants are consumed in the comfort of one’s own home. While you would ideally like guests to dine at your destination, it makes good business sense to offer grab-and-go meals they can carry out. These takeout options can also serve as an excellent reminder of a day or night spent at your venue!
  • Consider having a hot or cold case in your restaurant for carry-out.

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