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Unique Generational Demands: Matures

Unique Generational Demands: Matures


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Unique Generational Demands: Matures

Senior living foodservice adjusts to the new energy of the oldest generation.


Matures, those born before 1946, make up approximately 7% of the adult population. This cohort is solidly in retirement and as they age, they become less active and reduce spending, particularly on food away from home. However, as Matures age, the demands for non-commercial foodservice through assisted living and senior care increase. Although often associated with younger generations, many Matures are regular users of Facebook, smart phones, computers and tablets.

Matures cite the importance of quality at a higher rate than other generations. The amount of meals purchased outside the home decreases with age, so when Matures do go to a restaurant, they expect to get a good value in a welcoming atmosphere. Preferences are broadening for more diversified cuisines; however, as traditionalists, they are not comfortable with rapid change. Introducing more flavorful and even spicier cuisines may be a welcome change when mixed with more familiar dishes.

Here are some ways for your operation to appeal to Matures:

  • Maintain lifestyles and community in senior living facilities with cafes, wi-fi and social activities
  • Keep in mind that the influencers in senior living facilities will probably be Gen X, so consider a wide range of preferences when it comes to menu options
  • Customers, regardless if they are residents, patients, visitors or employees, are looking for portable, made-to-order items, plus more flexible dining options (timing, meal plans, delivery)

To learn more about dining demands by generational demographic, download entegra’s CyberSeries White Paper Unique Generational Foodservice Demands.

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