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Visible Cleaning and Safety

Visible Cleaning and Safety


Last Published: 08/10/2020

Visible Cleaning and Safety

Diners must see that food operations have hygiene consistent procedures in place.

Diners are extra cautious about eating away from home and will be over the coming year. As food operators navigate an economic environment that may move in and out of closedowns and quarantines, they must maintain customer trust in order to stay in business. Entegra is developing a full sanitation service offer and has been consulting with supplier partners and clients who are successfully navigating a pandemic-driven industry.

The key takeaways so far? Train your staff to maintain the highest standards cleanliness, hygiene/safety, and make it visible to your customers.

  • Never let go of the basics: WASH HANDS OFTEN and KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR FACE.

  • Maintain the health of your staff, first and foremost! Virus transmission to customers and co-workers is possible even when no symptoms are present.

  • Face masks and shields are now a way of life. Your staff should be wearing them, not only when working with clients, but also in the kitchen and back of house area.

    • Provide masks to staff and customers

    • When policy or regulations require masks, politely request customers without them to wear them

  • Provide contactless hand sanitizer stations for staff in the back of house as well as at entrances for customers.

  • Refocus on cleaning and disinfecting procedures already in place.

  • Use disposable gloves but remember that gloves are only as good as what you touch and how often you change them. Follow proper procedures when putting on and taking off.

  • Enforce social distancing for staff and customers using footprint and traffic markers.

  • Eliminate touchpoints by moving to cashless payment whenever possible

    • Use cup and gloves for contactless exchange of currency

    • Disinfect credit/debit pin pads after every use

  • Provide adequate facilities for disposal of masks and gloves, in front and back of house


If you must close and reopen your foodservice operation again, utilize Ecolab’s Corporate Operational Readiness Checklist and the General Manager Foodservice Reopening Checklist to ensure comprehensive preparedness to safely resume operations.

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