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Wellness Homes and Travel Part of the Wellness Evolution

Wellness Homes and Travel Part of the Wellness Evolution


Last Published: 09/15/2016

Wellness Homes and Travel Part of the Wellness Evolution

There are countless Health & Wellness products available today. 

As business operators trying to support customers’ Health & Wellness needs and preferences, the goal of staying abreast of the latest (and future) trends even outside of foodservice is important.

Future shifts in wellness were identified by leading industry experts during the 2015 Global Wellness Summit held last year in Mexico City, Mexico. Topics covered run the gamut from housing, travel, and technology to major shifts in healthcare.

Two shifts include the types of houses being engineered and expectations consumers have when they travel

  • More homes, communities and even whole cities are being master-planned from the ground up for human health. Wellness living projects, which often re-think every aspect of residents’ lives from green spaces, to education, to interior air quality, are certainly good for people, and according to real estate developers, are good for the bottom line too.
  • Experts agree that wellness will continue to take on a larger presence in the destination resort space, and that the heart of wellness tourism is a “transformational experience:” less about the destination and more about how the experience alters a person’s wellbeing – mind, body and soul. Wellness will be paired with every travel category imaginable i.e. “wellness & adventure,” “wellness & food & wine,” etc.

Download the full report that summarizes the Global Wellness Summit to learn about other shifts in wellness. 

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