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What Does 'Eating Healthy' Mean Today?

What Does 'Eating Healthy' Mean Today?


Last Published: 11/30/2017

There have been a variety of factors affecting the foodservice landscape over the past 30 years.


Consumers’ desire for healthier options in today’s fast-paced world is driving non-commercial operators to adopt more nutritious and healthy food offerings. About half of consumers (46%) say they consider ordering healthy items most of the time when dining out. Nearly as many consumers (40%) say they end up ordering healthy items most of the time when dining out, which is an improvement from 35% of consumers in 2014.healthy foods through the decades.JPG

Today, more consumers are also reading labels looking for the most nutritious options when they make their food choices. These consumers want maximum health benefits, via vitamins and antioxidants, with minimal processing and fewer ingredients overall. Technomic data suggests that 63% of consumers see these foods as healthier than those without specific functional benefit. This has led to the development of “clean” labels and increased demand. Consumers want to be able to review ingredient lists without having to decipher them. One clear option for operators is to state what a menu item does not contain. Messages indicating “no MSG” or “no high fructose corn syrup” may be effective in helping operators communicate to consumers concerned about those ingredients.

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