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What Kids Want

What Kids Want


Last Published: 12/10/2018

What Kids Want

What do teenagers want in their dining experiences?

The hardline parameters that define Generation Z (Gen Z) aren’t exact, but most sources agree it spans a diverse age range from 15 to about 23. Gen Z teenagers account for almost 27% of the population, spend 20% more of their money on food than millennials did in the early 2000s and expect more from their meals than adults do, research shows. But what is it that Gen Z really wants from food? Studies show that they want ethic-inspired cuisine.

Because Gen Z is more diverse than its predecessors, they seek authentic dining experiences where they can taste foods from across the globe. They also love to customize, so made-to-order and self-serve entrée bars, like salad stations, are rocking foodservice for this group. To meet the need for customized, international cuisine, flavor stations have cropped up in schools. Students can choose from a variety of low-or-no-sodium condiments and seasonings to enliven their chosen fare.

Want to take your menu on a trip around the world? Start with these simple suggestions:

  • Featuring your own flavor station is a great way to enhance basic offerings like chicken fingers. Serve ethnic-inspired sauces, like low-sodium teriyaki and spicy sriracha, on the side so your customers have a choice in how they want to flavor their meals.
  • Create opportunities to merge ethnic dishes and made-to-order options for Gen Z. For example, feature an omelet station and include internationally inspired ingredients like chorizo and salsa verde for a Hispanic twist.

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