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Sanitation and Safety Services

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In the current business environment, safety and cleanliness are paramount. Simply cleaning is not enough to safeguard the health and secure the trust of your customers – cleaning and disinfecting on a microbial level must become the new standard. At a time when most customers have concerns about cleanliness when dining out, entegra Sanitation and Safety Services helps you to:

  • Improve your cleaning practices

  • Regain clients’ trust

  • Differentiate versus competitors on health and safety

  • Protect your employees

In a consultative role, we begin by reviewing your plans for reopening and your current protocols for cleaning, training and operational compliance. You will then work with Bureau Veritas to complete a thorough site audit. Afterward, entegra works with you to navigate the myriad of solutions available to help you achieve and maintain the SafeGuard certification from Bureau Veritas.

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Site and Audit Certification

Certification by an objective third-party communicates an organization's commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Assure your customers and staff of the safety of your facility by displaying the SafeGuard Label of Hygiene Excellence and Safety from Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification.


Standard Operating Procedures

Operating in an enhanced disinfection environment requires a systematic approach to training. Enhance your training program with solutions devleoped by the experts at Sodexo, who manage over 80,000 food operations around the world, in such areas as cleaning and sanitizing surfaces to personal hygiene, personal protective equipment usage and infectious waste handling.


Staff Training: The Six-Foot Kitchen Training Suite

To ensure the safety of your kitchen and back-of-house staff, entegra offers The Six-Foot Kitchen Training Suite. These modules provide a framework for training your staff in proven best practices for enhanced infection control in the new business-as-usual.

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Supplies and Equipment

Rely on entegra to help you navigate the vast array of solutions in the marketplace. Work with our consultants to design a program tailored to the specific needs of your operation, and draw on our supply chain experts to help ensure that you have the goods and services you need at the savings you deserve.


Cleaning Companies

Secure peace of mind for your customers, your staff and your leadership by drawing on entegra-contracted pricing for regular cleaning or time-of-need specialty cleaning.


Contactless or
Reduced-Contact Operations

Adjust to your customers' expectations for new ways of interacting with businesses, from ordering more take-out and using mobiel apps to limiting contact with staff and fixtures in your facility. Entegra's experts help you to identify high-touch risk points in your operation and to find solutions.


"Our top priority is to help organizations achieve and maintain a high standard of cleanliness and safety to protect staff, customers, residents, and guests."

--Damien Calderini, entegra CEO


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To get started on this program, contact your entegra account support representative or entegra’s CPS Call Center: 855 ENTEGRA (866 368 3472) or CallCenter.USA@clientPS.com.