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Watch entegra's live discussion from Wednesday, September 23, "Adapting Dining Through the Pandemic"


Operators are facing a myriad of challenges in adapting to the changing seasons while maintaining COVID-19 safety measures. Join entegra to discuss solutions on adapting to the changing seasons, arranging in and outdoor dining areas for an efficient and healthy environment, and streamlining menus with a core pantry of ingredients while meeting customer comfort and culinary needs.



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Watch entegra's live discussion from Wednesday, August 5, "Mitigating Risks: Safeguard Your Employees and Customers"


In the new normal of the COVID age, businesses face an ever-growing set of risks to their employees and customers. During this live discussion, experts explore the responsibility of operators in terms of health, sanitation and safety.


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Watch entegra's live discussion from Wednesday, June 15, "Mitigating Risks: Disaster Preparedness For Business Operations"


From spoilage due to power outages to water damage from storms, is your business ready to weather the storm and snap back if impacted by mother nature? This webinar will help you understand what you need to do today to plan for disasters, what essentials you need to have to maintain your operation during a disaster, and how to sustain your supply chain during disasters.



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Watch entegra's live discussion from Wednesday, May 27, "Rebuilding Customer Trust in Foodservice"


As food operators begin to navigate this new environment, they must regain customer trust through visible sanitation practices. Consumer surveys say many diners will be cautious about eating away from home over the coming year. This webinar will provide practical advice on ways to win back your regulars and gain new customers.




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Watch entegra's live discussion from May 13: "Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Restart"

Sponsored in partnership by Oliver Wyman 


The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the risks and vulnerabilities in our supply chain. When recovery does come, will the demands on our supply chain exceed the supply? This discussion will share what food operators should do to ensure that they have the essential supplies to avoid any disruptions in service or threats to their menu quality?




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Watch entegra's live discussion from April 29: 'Transforming Your Menu Post COVID-19'.

Sponsored in partnership with Campbell's Food Service, General Mills and Unilever Food Solutions


In a post-COVID-19 world, consumers will continue to look for convenient carryout options while foodservice operators will continue to be concerned with delivering quality in a cost-efficient manner. Join entegra for a live discussion on 'Transforming Your Menu Post-COVID-19'. Entegra is bringing together chefs from Campbell's Foodservice, General Mills and Unilever Food Solutions to share emerging practices of how to design quality menus as the foodservice industry plans a recovery from this pandemic.