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Client Success Story

PROcure Advantage Achieves Remarkable Growth with Entegra: A Case Study

July 06, 2023

Since 2013, PROcure Advantage has welcomed post-acute healthcare providers to join their committed buying alliance, offering significant cost savings.

PROcure AdvantageThe network provides access to industry-leading negotiated pricing. Through the collective strength gained from combining volumes, providers can harness the "Power of Partnership."

“Entegra had bandwidth. And when I started to meet their people and get engaged in conversation, I grew to like what they brought to the table, what they already had developed,” says David Sherlin, president of PROcure Advantage.

Embracing Change: Converting Challenges into Opportunities

Being a startup company, PROcure Advantage needed the necessary volume to establish direct connections with major broadline food wholesalers. Entegra possessed the required capacity, tools and resources. With their deep understanding of the industry and PROcure Advantage's goals, Entegra proved to be exceptionally accommodating.

While considering alternative solutions, PROcure Advantage explored various options. However, it quickly became evident that the initial conversation with Entegra stood out as the most suitable choice. Entegra proved to be the perfect fit, offering scalability that aligned perfectly with PROcure Advantage's business model.

Entegra has consistently proven to be the sole source and solution for virtually every requirement, making it unnecessary to seek alternatives elsewhere. Their ability to meet PROcure Advantage's needs thus far has bolstered their position as an exceptional and reliable partner.

“Entegra had the tools and resources to become an easy button for us. They made it very efficient,” says Sherlin.

From Insights to Impact: Transforming Knowledge into Action

The collaboration with the Entegra team has been consistently exceptional and seamless. Entegra demonstrates outstanding proficiency in staying aligned with PROcure Advantage’s goals, business model and unique requirements. With a profound understanding of its offerings, Entegra excels at tackling challenges and delivering highly valuable problem-solving capabilities.

Entegra's buying power is their most impactful offering, which PROcure Advantage has fully leveraged. PROcure Advantage has also proactively explored a wide range of additional options provided by Entegra over the past two years, significantly enhancing its portfolio.

Entegra has consistently been the primary and preferred partner for PROcure Advantage. The strong alignment between their respective models has enabled a successful union and collaboration. This partnership has facilitated significant growth for PROcure Advantage, both horizontally and vertically, resulting in a substantial increase in business volume over the past decade.

“Entegra brought us a more expanded portfolio and offering to our membership,” says Sherlin.

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Achieving Unparalleled Results

PROcure Advantage has achieved a state of robustness in the primary categories, thanks to Entegra's ability to provide access to challenging niche offerings and products. Engaging with Entegra across a range of 12 to 14 distinct categories, PROcure Advantage effectively rounded out its product offering and expanded its options, thus delivering a more comprehensive and diverse portfolio to its membership.

As a startup company, PROcure Advantage faced several challenges, primarily in terms of the following:

  • Significant volume to attract attention
  • Necessary expertise
  • Operational resources

However, Entegra proved to be a valuable partner by bringing:

  • Extensive bandwidth and backroom capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Expert sourcing ability
  • Experienced personnel

Entegra has become an invaluable asset for PROcure Advantage, greatly enhancing the organization's operations, being the “go-to” partner for PROcure Advantage. As a result, PROcure Advantage has experienced remarkable growth in horizontal expansion and organic vertical development, bringing substantial new volume to the partnership.

Entegra has consistently served as the sole source and solution provider in virtually every scenario, eliminating the need or desire to seek alternative options elsewhere. They have consistently met and exceeded PROcure Advantage's requirements, solidifying their indispensable and reliable partner role. Over the past decade, the business has more than quadrupled in size due to this fruitful collaboration.

Quote Breakout BoxSherlin says, “We have not had the need or desire to go outside [Entegra’s] boundaries to look for other options. [Entegra] met every need that we've had so far.”

From Expansion to Better Outcomes: The Path to Success

PROcure Advantage recognized the need to expand its product offering beyond food and beverage and found that Entegra possessed the necessary components aid in enhancing its portfolio. They worked with Entegra, expressing its unique hands-on approach as a Committed Buying Alliance (CBA) owned by member providers.

This shift in approach led to successful collaborations, such as a partnership with Sherwin Williams that had previously proven elusive, but Entegra did the following:

  • Accelerated the connection
  • Brought the required elements to the table
  • Facilitated the handshake between PROcure Advantage and Sherwin Williams

The preparation and alignment phase with Sherwin Williams took approximately 60 to 90 days, focusing on establishing mutually agreeable terms and agreements. Once all parties were in-sync, the launch took less than 30 days. The onboarding process is dynamic and tailored to each member's unique needs, as not all members are at the same stage or have identical requirements. Upon onboarding, members are introduced to the range of vendor partners engaged by PROcure Advantage and have the flexibility to select the ones that best align with their specific needs and goals. This process is ongoing, especially as new members continue to join.

Building on this success, PROcure Advantage is now pursuing similar opportunities in pest control with Orkin and exploring other potential ventures. By adjusting the model and leveraging Entegra's flexibility to meet their needs, PROcure Advantage and Entegra have achieved collective success.

Entegra boasts tremendous resources that significantly streamline processes for PROcure Advantage. What would typically require the efforts of several individuals and days of work is already efficiently structured within Entegra's model. Their employees are highly receptive to communication of needs and respond promptly to address them.

PROcure Advantage and Entegra have proven their ability to navigate inflationary challenges through their resourcefulness and proactive approach to addressing rising prices. The continuous engagement of their membership drives their quest for innovative solutions and the exploration of new offerings, with Entegra serving as a trusted and invaluable resource, especially in their shared ability to overcome obstacles.

Sherlin concludes: “PROcure Advantage recognized the immense value of having such a supportive and capable partner as Entegra by our side.”

July 06, 2023

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