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Company History

Company History

Entegra was established in 1999 to provide procurement management services for multi-unit clients in a variety of business segments, including Acute, Seniors, Hospitality, Restaurants, Travel and Leisure, Education and Faith-Based. With an unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, value and customer service, entegra maximizes purchasing efficiency for over 93,000 purchasing sites across North America offering over 800 contracted suppliers and over $18.2 billion in purchasing power.

Entegra is supported by a global supply chain that brings expertise from around the world together to ensure best procurement practices are shared and utilized globally, including North America. Our North American Supply Team includes procurement specialists that strategically source products, services and supplies to meet consumer demands and client needs in our region, and we partner with innovative and forward-looking suppliers and distributors to deliver products and services that continually evolve as the industry changes and adapts to consumers of all ages. 

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